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by Daniel Bentley on August 1, 2011

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Finalist 2006 Jewellery Association of Australia Design Awards
Finalist 2007 Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild Awards
Finalist 2009 Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild Awards

Daniel Bentley is a Master jeweller and multi-Award winning designer with an international reputation for jewellery design that gives a new take on the classics, creating timeless pieces with a contemporary edge.

After a successful career in Australia, Daniel travelled to some of the world’s most exotic locations and uses these diverse cultural references as inspiration for his designs.  In the early 90’s, during a visit to Denmark, Daniel met and married a Danish girl, Lene, and together they established their own jewellery boutique, over the next decade building up a loyal European clientele, including aristocracy and celebrities.

Eventually, the lure of Australian summers and the relaxed lifestyle brought them back to settle in Brisbane, where they have been steadily establishing their business in Australia while retaining international clients.

Daniel’s innovative and original designs carry such diverse influences as contemporary Scandinavian architecture, modern sculpture and pure forms from nature.  Harmonious shapes and flowing lines are evident in each of Daniel’s creations and his work is recognised for its excellence in craftsmanship.

Daniel is an award-winning jeweller, who uses silver, gold and platinum highlighted with diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and other natural gemstones to create his beautiful pieces with form and function.

For this collection Daniel has focused on silver as he says: “Silver has a warmth to it, I can use it so easily to create large dynamic pieces or fine, softer designs and sensual shapes.  When designing a piece of jewellery, I start from a base of simple and clean shapes, sketching pieces that are pleasing to the eye, balanced and striking.  Emotions play a big part in the designing process.”

Daniel is passionate about the design process, the high standards he brings to the quality of the pieces and his emphasis on the contemporary feel of his collections, classic with an edge. Daniel says, “that not only does the jewellery need to be beautiful in its own right, but it has to make the wearer feel special and accentuate her own beauty”.

For further information/images contact: Jenny Garber, p +612 9327 5836 , m + 61 (0) 416 262 189, e  jenny@jennygarber.com

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