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Our Story

Born in Australia Master Jeweller Daniel Bentley was something of a jewellery prodigy, winning multiple awards in his first years as a jewellery designer. Needing a new challenge he travelled overseas to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, including Monaco, the south of France, Italy and Greece.

In 1993, he met, fell in love with and later married, a beautiful Danish girl called Lene – and they settled in Lene’s hometown of Aarhus, Denmark. Together, they established a jewellery boutique and spent the next 10 years building up a loyal clientele across Europe and Daniel’s work featured in fashion magazines and newspapers around the world.

But then, as all ex-pat Australians eventually realise, the beautiful beaches, warm climate and relaxed lifestyle are too hard to resist. So Daniel, Lene and their family arrived in Brisbane, Australia in 2005 beginning a new chapter in their story.

Daniel Bentley Fine Jewellery collections are now available from selected jewellery boutiques around the country.