Caring for your Daniel Bentley Fine Jewellery

by Daniel Bentley on October 25, 2011

All of our jewellery is made to the highest standard of quality and to help you maintain the beautiful finish of your piece, we have compiled a few tips.

When you have finished using your piece of jewellery it is very important to place it somewhere where it will not be scratched by other objects. Necklaces should be laid flat, particularly the more rigid pieces, so that they don’t buckle.

It is best to place the piece in its original box or in a soft, lined jewellery box to prevent it from coming into contact with any other pieces of jewellery. Most damage occurs whilst the pieces are being put away. Jewellery will scratch jewellery!

If your Sterling Silver jewellery is starting to look off-colour after some time, we recommend using Hagerty’s silver dip to bring it back to the original colour, a few seconds in the liquid, rinse in warm water, dry well with tissue and you’re done. Do not use a silver cleaning cloth as on some textured surfaces it will add to the discolouration of the metal.

For re-polishing or re-texturing please visit your Daniel Bentley Fine Jewellery stockist to arrange this service. To find a stockist near you please see the store locator on our website.

Following these tips will ensure the lasting beauty of your piece and maximize your enjoyment.


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