Daniel Bentley wows in Sydney

by Daniel Bentley on September 13, 2012

The JAA International Jewellery Fair Sydney (like fashion week for jewellery brands) was on at the beginning of the month and to really showcase our brand to the jewellery trade we were there in force.

With two shiny new collections to show, which we’ve been working on since January, we were ready to make a big impact.

We had designed our stand to look like an intimate boutique and it showed off our jewellery brilliantly and matched our image of style and elegance.

For three exciting days we were on our feet talking about our brand and where the inspiration for our latest collections, South Atlantic and Capricorn, had come from.

People were fascinated by our jewellery with many commenting “It’s so nice to see real jewellery!”

We received a lot of attention largely due to our exciting designs and the quality of our craftsmanship as well as the vivid coloured gemstones that are specially cut to fit many of the new pieces.

We were certainly a stand-out brand at the Fair and it was a very successful event for us. In the coming months you’ll see our jewellery in an ever-increasing number of quality jewellery stores around Australia.

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