Danish Royal Visit

by Daniel Bentley on November 14, 2011

We are excited about the visit this month of Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark…Lene’s homeland.  To celebrate we are announcing the release of Iceberg our newest bracelet. See below the story of what inspired the design.

INSPIRATION I had been living in Denmark for a few years before I experienced my first “ice winter” where the sea had frozen over. I went down to the harbour to have a look. It was a beautiful day, about -9ºC and blue skies. It was amazing seeing the ice everywhere. I stood watching the waves lifting the slabs of ice and laying them on top of each other on the beach, it was a breath-taking sight and the inspiration for the Iceberg bracelet. Each element is layered over the next with a subtle movement that follows the wrist. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces I have designed and proving to be incredibly popular. Another example of how a form produced by nature can inspire something simply beautiful.

Check out the detail about the Iceberg bracelet.

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