Danish summer nights

by Daniel Bentley on July 31, 2012

After an exciting and busy autumn in Brisbane, what could be better than a trip home to Denmark to enjoy the colours of spring and the warm early summer nights?

Lene has just returned home from Aarhus, Denmark, after a three-week trip of both business and pleasure. She took with her our brand new silver collections, which are made up of some wonderful forms together with specially cut gemstones in the colours of spring and autumn.

It’s been a while since colour has featured so strongly in our collections, though after seeing the finished pieces we’re certain that bright colours and white metal will be featured in our future designs.

Lene enjoyed her time in Denmark though, of course, it all went by too quickly…as good things always do. Mostly she loved the long summer nights with family and friends… and of course seeing how our new silver collections radiated light and warmth and brought smiles to lot of Scandinavian faces.


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