DBFJ 2011 Press Release

by Daniel Bentley on August 1, 2011

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Daniel Bentley’s stunning new jewellery collection fuses dynamic Australian energy with a cool Danish aesthetic that gives a new take on the classics, creating timeless pieces with a contemporary edge.

While based in Denmark for over a decade, Daniel Bentley established an exciting jewellery brand in Europe with an international following and a clientele that included aristocracy and celebrities.

Now settled back in Australia, Daniel has created his innovative DBFJ Silver Collection that reflects both the diverse cultural influences of his travels and references to the vibrant Australian environment.

Daniel is an award-winning jeweller, who uses silver, gold and platinum highlighted with diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and other natural gemstones to create his beautiful pieces with form and function.

For this collection Daniel has focused on silver as it easily lends itself to larger dynamic pieces with a striking edge or finer shapes with a sensual form. This distinctive collection incorporates influences from contemporary architecture, modern sculpture and pure forms from nature.  Each piece is designed as a work of art with harmonious shapes and flowing lines that reveal a high level of craftsmanship.

Daniel’s new DBFJ Silver collection embodies his passion for the design process, and his desire to make the wearer look spectacular, “Silver has a warmth to it, I can use it so easily to create large dynamic pieces or fine, softer designs and sensual shapes.  When designing a piece of jewellery, I start from a base of simple and clean shapes, sketching pieces that are pleasing to the eye, balanced and striking.  Emotions play a big part in the designing process.”

Whether using defined architectural shapes or softer sculptural lines, the dominant feature in each piece is the strength and integrity of the design.

Each range in the DBFJ Silver Collection is named after its inspiration and includes:

Pacific inspired by the waves – gentle and sometimes not so gentle, like the ocean. Trident continues the theme of the sea – inspired by Neptune’s weapon of choice. Deanna specially designed for Daniel’s sister, Deanna, who loves strong, eye-catching and dramatic pieces. Atlantic a dynamic form, which is both light and very striking. Fossil the pure white bones sitting on top of the red soil that is typical of the Australian outback directly inspired these pieces. Nautilus inspired by the shell picked up on holiday in the north of Queensland. Droplet inspired by water droplets on an orchid. Jabiru a beautiful, soft organic form inspired by a fallen seed pod in Kakadu National Park.

For further information/images contact: Jenny Garber, p +612 9327 5836 , m + 61 (0) 416 262 189, e  jenny@jennygarber.com


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