Interview with Daniel Bentley

by Daniel Bentley on October 25, 2012

Daniel was recently interviewed by Clare Loewenthal from Dynamic Small Business Network. Below you’ll find an extract of the article.

Danish Design
Meets Aussie Distinction

When you marry a Danish girl and move to Denmark, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the quality and abundance of great design, reflects Australian jeweller, Daniel Bentley. It is Daniel’s love of the way Danish design breaks something down into its simplest form and works with it before decoration that has inspired his jewellery, even though his business is now based half way around the world in Australia.

After working for many years in Denmark designing and creating jewellery in his boutique, Daniel amassed a large collection of original designs. These were predominantly made of silver, which has always appealed to the Scandinavian market because of the clean lines, and exhibited an Australian influence and high quality craftsmanship.

“After moving back to Australia I saw an area in the jewellery trade that had been largely over looked,” explains Daniel. “I could see my more contemporary high-end silver designs working well here. So away we went!”

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