Jewellery design in the air

by Daniel Bentley on August 9, 2012

I get a lot of joy when I fly, which is quite frequently at the moment. I know this sounds a bit odd, as there are also irritations like the check-in queue, the bad coffee etc. For me it’s the actual act of flight, lifting off and rising above everything around you. Looking down on where I live, the river, the coast and the city, everything is put into perspective from up there.

I always take a window seat and stare at the blue sky and down at the formations on the ground. Like right now I’m over the Gold coast hinterland on my way to Melbourne and the early morning light is producing wonderful images and shadows across the terrain. It’s very inspiring and maybe the reason I do so much of my jewellery designing on flights like this one. It’s a beautiful country we live in.

And now the little girl in the row in front of me has gone and spoiled it by playing the xylophone on her iPod. Stewardess!!!!!


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