Mother’s day….Every Day?

by Daniel Bentley on May 9, 2012

We have a special agreement in our house, that it would be a shame, if not a crime, to only celebrate mothers once a year.

Mothers day is a great idea though I believe that many people save up for that day all year, instead of spreading the love more often.

It could be a seasonal thing, for example spoiling your wife/mum with a spa treatment in mid-winter, a beach breakfast in summer or a fabulous new bracelet for spring. Just don’t wait all year to do something special.

I’ve done the “Mum” thing for weeks at a time while Lene is in Europe with our new collections and it’s an incredible hard job. I certainly feel like a reward when she finally comes home!

So think about it…and show your love to your mum/wife…more often.


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