P. Hertz jewellers to the Royal Danish Court

by Daniel Bentley on July 28, 2015

If you find yourself in Copenhagen you can count yourself very lucky to be in one of the worlds truly great cities. It’s cobblestone streets charm you and if the skies are blue you are doubly lucky because that’s when the city shines.


Berit Hertz is the owner of Kgl. hofjuvelerer P. Hertz, one of Denmarks finest jewellery houses and purveyors to the Queen. We, at Daniel Bentley Jewellery, have had the privilege of having them as a stockist of our designs for many years. Berit, also a successful designer, appreciates the high quality of our jewellery and the originality of our designs. The boutique is on the corner of a very busy walking street in the centre of Copenhagen and has been there for almost two hundred years. So next time you’re in Denmark take the time to visit P.Hertz and find out why the Queen of Denmark shops here.

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