Point of difference in the Daniel Bentley brand

by Daniel Bentley on December 19, 2011

In a recent magazine interview we were asked, “What is the point of difference from your brand to other jewellery brands?”

I’d like to share our response with you …

Each piece has been designed and hand sculpted by master jeweller Daniel Bentley so there is continuity through the collection and a distinctive style. What truly sets our jewellery apart is not just our designs, it’s our philosophy and ideals.


Our jewellery must be bold.

The uniqueness and originality of our designs is paramount.

They must make the wearer look stunning.


Every design in the DANIEL BENTLEY FINE JEWELLERY range has a name and a story behind the inspiration.

We believe in inspiring our clients rather than following trends.

Our jewellery is manufactured to the highest quality and superbly hand-finished to an impeccable standard.

Our design philosophy is that each design is individually crafted by hand and CAD (Computer Aided Design) is not used in any aspect of either design or manufacture.

One of the outstanding aspects of our jewellery is the combination of the inspired design, the generous weight of metal used and the exquisite proportions coming together to create a feeling in the customer that the piece was designed exclusively for them.

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