Seaside Inspiration

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Seaside Picks

Many of our collections are inspired by the beauty and untamed elegance of the ocean and the perfect shapes and artefacts it leaves on the shore. We also embrace the culture of seaside living in our designs, offering unique statements that are beautifully simple in their design. Below are some of our newest and most favourite pieces to inspire your summer style.

Murex eDM

Murex is the newest addition to our seaside inspired designs. Featured in a long, striking form in drop earrings and a pendant, crafted in silver. VIEW THE COLLECTION

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South Atlantic Collection eDM

One of our most popular collections, the South Atlantic designs draw inspiration from the exotic cultures that thrive on the coast of the South Atlantic Ocean. The vibrant specially cut gems featured in this series reflect the colours, energy and excitement of ‘Carnival’ in Rio de Janeiro. VIEW THE COLLECTION.

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