The start of something great

by Daniel Bentley on November 26, 2012

It’s exciting when we start working on a new Daniel Bentley collection. It’s stressful though it’s a good kind of stress. We challenge ourselves to create something fantastic every time, something with a new look or a point of difference that will give us the wow factor we’re looking for.

I love the feeling when we know we’re on the right track, the adrenalin flows and the excitement builds. And then when we see the end result we step back to take it in…  because the new design has exceded our expectations and is a truly wonderful creation. We feel elated and proud.

This is what it was like to design and create the South Atlantic silver collection, which has just been released with its unique sculpturaI form and vivid specially cut gemstones I guess that when you go through the process you can’t help but become attached and end up falling in love with it!

Enjoy the collection!


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