Valentine’s Day proposal… Danish Style

by Daniel Bentley on February 1, 2012

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None know better the traumas faced by modern day suitors when making a proposal on Valentine’s Day, than Master Jewellery Daniel Bentley.

The scenario was always the same… a guy would come into Daniel’s boutique in the Danish city of Aarhus trying to find a ring that would please his girlfriend… and we all know the high risk involved.  If she didn’t like the design or the diamond wasn’t big enough or he wasn’t sure of her taste etc, it could mean a failed attempt… which is particularly embarrassing if the proposal takes place in public, like a restaurant or around friends.

This is where Daniel often played Cupid – he would lend the guy a ring from his collection to make the proposal, once the girl accepted, she could come in and design her perfect ring…. great solution, everyone is happy.

Emotions play a big part in the designing process’, said Daniel, ‘not only does the jewellery need to be beautiful in its own right, but it has to make the wearer feel special and accentuate her own beauty‘… particularly on a special day like Valentine’s Day’.

Now that Daniel is back in Australia, recently launching a stunning collection of fine jewellery, he is once again looking forward to his ‘behind the scenes’ role on Valentine’s Day and with new pieces just released, there is a fabulous collection from which to choose.

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About Daniel Bentley Fine Jewellery
Daniel Bentley is a Master Jeweller and multi-Award winning designer with an international reputation for creating timeless pieces with a contemporary edge.

After a successful career in Australia, Daniel travelled to some of the world’s most exotic locations and uses these diverse cultural references as inspiration for his designs.  In the early 90’s, during a visit to Denmark, Daniel met and married a Danish girl, Lene, and together they established their own jewellery boutique, building up a loyal European clientele, including royalty and celebrities, for more than a decade before returning to Australia.  Daniel’s work is recognised for its excellence in craftsmanship, below are some of his most recent awards.

Finalist 2006 Jewellery Association of Australia Design Awards
Finalist 2007 Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild Awards
Finalist 2009 Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild Awards


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